July 30, 2017


Knowledge should be shareable and actionable. For your convenience, I’m offering some of my best consulting advice as fixed-price products. These guides and tools will jump-start your initiatives. If you don’t find a product below to meet your needs, get in touch.


Want to make sure your brand and products are meeting your customers’ expectations? This tool will help you quickly evaluate whether you are doing what you should to position your brand in the market and also what the overall perception of your brand and products are.

In today’s rapidly moving world knowing what you are good at and being able to communicate your value is a must for personal and professional success. A personal brand helps you attract opportunities, gain clients, and get higher paying jobs. This course will help you define, build, and scale your personal brand within 30 days.

Social media is now the backbone of most business and personal communications. Whether you spend hours a day on Twitter and Snapchat or you check just Facebook periodically, having a well-defined approach is important. It makes sure you don’t waste your time and energy interacting with the wrong people online. This tool will help you better manage your online presence and take advantage of the 2+ Billion people using social media.

Content is still king, but context matters just as much. How do you make sure your content isn’t falling flat? How can you efficiently produce and distribute content that builds relationships with the people that are important to you? This tool will help you streamline your process and create content that consistently has an impact.